Westview Southern Baptist Church

Sunday School at Westview

Hi, my name is Alece Stockebrand and I teach the Joyful noise makers class. Our class is for children birth through 4 years old. In our class we study through The Gospel Project as we play with playdough, use musical instruments, and sing songs. We also enjoy acting out Bible stories and of course snuggling. We would love to have you join us any Sunday at 9:30.

Hi, my name is Carrie Bilby and I teach the Good News.. Pointing Kids to Jesus class. Our class, which is for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade studies God’s Word through the Gospel Project curriculum. In our class we have a video lesson before we move onto classroom activities such as puppets, chalkboard learning and flannel graphs. I am here to encourage families to continue learning at home throughout the week. To help with this we send the children home with worksheets and big picture cars at the beginning of each quarter.

Susan Gouldie teaches our 3rd- 5th graders, in their class the children, go through a 3-year Bible study in the Gospel Project. After large group time the 3rd-5th graders go to their room and find the text for the lesson of the day, do worksheets together and sometimes make thank-you cards. Susan likes to teach her students the differences and continuity of the Old and New Testaments, (in small doses of course). Susan’s class likes to pray together, they encourage visitors so that they will have more opportunities and friends to pray for and study with.

I’m Cleat Stockebrand and I teach 6th- 8th graders in the Jesus Disciples class. Our class uses the Gospel Project curriculum and after our large group meeting in the sanctuary we move into or classroom where we engage in a variety of activates to future learn about the weeks Bible story. We always welcome new face that will quickly become new friends.

Robert Thomen teams up with Greg Welch and Vince Sevedge to teach our Bible Journey class. Our class, which is geared toward adults studies the Bible one book at a time. We enjoy Video lessons prior to our group discussion and class participation. All are welcome to come join the fun.

Dave Carlson is the teacher for our second Adult class, the class name “Don’t ask Don’t tell” explains the age range of the class. Dave’s class studies through Lifeway’s Explore the Bible Quarterly, the members enjoy interaction and a deep level of concern for each other. Our class wants you to know you are more than welcome to join in any time.

Anna Houston teaches our ladies class that is ideal for women 50 years old and older, but any lady is welcome to attend. As with Dave Carlson’s class the Women of Christ class uses Lifeway’s Explore the Bible Quarterly. This class is fun, laid back, friendly, and always looks forward to having visitors and making new friends.


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