Bible Study Worksheet

Pray before beginning and ask for the guidance & help of the Holy Spirit in understanding God’ word


Who? Who is involved? Who wrote it? To whom was it written? What do you know about each of these people? What is their cultural background?

What? What happened? What are the key words or phrases? What is the purpose of writing? What doctrines are involved? What is the theme? Outline the text. What are the comparisons? What are the contrasts? What are the conclusions?

Where? Where did it take place? Where was it written? What is the geographical background and significance?

When? When was it written? When was it received? What were the events surrounding the writing, reading or subject of the text?

Why? Why was it written? Why did the events happen?

How? How effective is the writing? How did it affect those involved?


What is the author trying to communicate? Interpret in view of scripture. Word studies in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. Check a concordance of words. Check cross references. Review commentaries (Last step)


Is there a new command to obey?
Did I learn something new about God/Jesus?
Is there an example to follow?
Is there a challenge to heed?
Is there a sin to avoid?
Is there an action to take?
Is there something to pray about?
Is there a promise to claim?
Is there a difficulty to explore?
Is there a portion to memorize?
What do I need to do today?