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Seeing the Positive - Part 42017-02-19
Seeing the Positive - Part 32017-02-12
Seeing the Positive - Part 22017-02-05
Seeing the Positive - Part 1 Philippians2017-01-29
How Do You Know2017-01-15
A Goal that Is Effective 20172017-01-08
Xmas 2016 -The Call to worship2016-12-18
Xmas 2016 -The Call to Be A Witness2016-12-11
Xmas 2016 The Call to Be A Vessel2016-12-04
Xmas 2016 The Call to believe The Gift2016-11-27
Being Truly Thankful in Everything - 20162016-11-20
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life part 142016-11-13
ForgivForgiveness in the Midst of Condemnation2016-11-13
The Final Lessons of Love part 52016-11-06
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life part 122016-10-30
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life Part 112016-10-23
The Final Lessons of Love part 42016-10-23
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life Part 102016-10-16
The Final Lessons of Love part 32016-10-16
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life Part 92016-10-09
The Final Lessons of Love part 22016-10-09
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life Part 82016-10-02
The Final Lessons of Love part 12016-10-02
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life part 72016-09-25
Peace in the Midst of the Storm2016-09-25
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life part 62016-09-18
The Seven I Wills2016-09-18
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life part 52016-09-11
Responses to the Lamb 09-11-16 First 15 minutes missing2016-09-11
Acts Lesson 37 Finishing the Race2016-09-04
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life part 42016-08-28
Acts Lesson 36 Headed for Home Part 12016-08-28
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life Part 32016-08-21
Paul Returns to Visit Part 2 Dealing with Opposition2016-08-21
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life Part 2 2016-08-14
Acts Lesson 35 Paul Returns to Visit Part 12016-08-14
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life - part 1b PM2016-08-07
Waiting on God A Journey through Grief A Journey to New Life - part 1a PM2016-08-07
Beginning Again Am Service2016-08-07
The Promise of Immortality2016-06-26
Abiding in Christ2016-06-05
2016 For His Name's Sake 2016-05-18
Prayer of a Mother - 20162016-05-08
What Brings About Revival 20162016-05-01
Who Is Your Hero2016-04-17
Three Sanctuaries - repeat 04-10-162016-04-10
Live Love Lean2016-04-03
Angels Resurrection Message2016-03-27
Behold Your King Matthew 21 1-112016-03-20
Lords Supper An Act of Love2016-03-13
Acts Lesson 34 A New Journey Part 72016-02-21
Acts Lesson 33 A New Journey Part 62016-02-14
Acts Lesson 32 A New Journey Part 52016-02-07
Acts Lesson 31 A New Journey Part 42016-01-31
Acts Lesson 30 A New Journey Part 32016-01-24
Acts Lesson 29 A New Journey Part 22016-01-17
Acts Lesson 28 A New Journey Part 12016-01-10
New Years 2016 God Is Faithful2016-01-03
Christmas 2015 Willing to Worship2015-12-27
Christmas 2015 Where is He2015-12-20
Christmas 2015 Peace on Earth2015-12-13
Xmas 2015 -The Unspeakable Gift2015-12-06
Acts Lesson 27 Contention between Christians2015-11-15
Acts Lesson 26 Tradition Troubles2015-11-08
Acts Lesson 25 Gods Work through Paul Part 32015-11-01
Acts Lesson 24 Gods Work through Paul Part 22015-10-25
Acts Lesson 23 John Mark2015-10-18
Acts Lesson 22 Gods Work through Paul Part 12015-10-11
Acts Lesson 21 Gods Intervention2015-10-04
Acts Lesson 21 Gods Intervention2015-10-04
Acts Lesson 20 Continuation of Expansion2015-09-27
Acts Lesson 19 Adjusting to Change2015-09-20
Remember Lords Supper2015-09-13
Acts Lesson 18 Salvation Comes to the Gentiles2015-09-06
Acts Lesson 17 Peter Growing in Gods Grace2015-08-29
Acts Lesson 16 Saul Gods Target of Grace2015-08-24
Acts Lesson 15 The Ethiopian Eunuch Believes2015-08-16
Acts Lesson 14 Have You Heard, the Samaritans2015-08-09
Acts Lesson 13 Standing Firm against Opposition2015-07-26
Acts Lesson 12 Acts Lesson 12 The Function of Church Leadership2015-07-19
Acts Lesson 11 Purification Persecution and Persistence2015-07-12
State of the Union 20152015-07-05
Acts Lesson 10 The Truth The WHOLE Truth 2015-06-28
The Business of a Father2015-06-21
Lords Supper A Captured Heart2015-06-14
Acts Lesson 9 Prayer Power and Provision2015-05-31
Acts Lesson 8 A Test of Faith2015-05-24
Acts Lesson 7 An Opportunity for a Message2015-05-17
A Mother in Trouble 2015-05-10
Acts Lesson 6 An Opportunity to Minister2015-05-03
Acts Lesson 5 The First Days of the Church2015-04-26
Acts Lesson 4 The Sermon of Sermons 2015-04-19
Acts Lesson 3 Promise Manifested2015-04-12
Because He Live Easter 20152015-04-05
Acts Lesson 2 While You Are Waiting 1 12-262015-03-29
Acts Lesson 1 The Training Is Over 1 1-112015-03-22
The Passion of Christ2015-03-08
Lessons from the Gospel 147 Until He Comes2015-03-01
Lessons from the Gospels - 145 Until He Comes2015-02-22
Renewing Your Faith Part 42015-02-15
Renewing Your Faith Part 32015-02-08
Renewing Your Faith Part 22015-02-01
Renewing Your Faith Part 12015-01-25
The Message of the Ressurection2015-01-18
Accusing Opposing Excluding Christ2015-01-11
Seeking Jesus in 20152015-01-04
Gifts and Worship for a King2014-12-28
No Room for Jesus2014-12-21
Behold the Lamb2014-12-14
Mary Did You Know2014-12-07
The Original Christmas Gift2014-11-30
In Control even in Arrest2014-11-16
The Garden of Gethsemane2014-11-06
The Prayer of Jesus - John 172014-11-02
Final Teachings of Jesus - Part 32014-10-26
Final Teachings of Jesus - Part 22014-10-12
Final Teachings of Jesus - Part 12014-10-05
The Final Preparation2014-09-28
Characteristics of Betrayal2014-09-21
The Last Passover2014-09-14
Condemnation of Religion2014-09-07
Three Questions - One Answer2014-08-31
You Are Invited2014-08-24
Rejecting God and Missing Salvation Part-22014-08-17
Rejecting God and Missing Salvation Part-12014-08-10
The Authority of Jesus2014-07-27
There Is No Fooling Jesus2014-07-13
Living in a Land Ripe for Judgment 2014-07-06
The Coming of the King2014-06-29
A Costly Worship2014-06-22
A Call of a Father2014-06-15
Lords Supper - no audio2014-06-08
Work While You Wait2014-06-01
Small Things Are Big to Jesus2014-05-25
Overcoming Your Blindness2014-05-18
The Unnoticed Mother2014-05-11
Who Is the Greatest2014-05-04
Three Sanctuaries2014-04-20
Never Lose Sight of Grace2014-04-13
An Opportunity Wasted2014-04-06
The Sanctity of Marriage2014-03-30
Children Are a Blessing2014-03-23
Revelations and Reflections on the Lords Supper 2014-03-09
True Worship2014-02-23
Persistent Powerful Prayer2014-02-16
The New Kingdom2014-02-09
Death and Sovereingty part 22014-02-02
Death and Sovereingty part 12014-01-26
The Glory Belongs to God2014-01-19
Choosing Poorly2014-01-12
The Prince of Peace2014-01-05
The New Start2014-01-05
The Prince of Peace2013-12-22
The Everlasting Father2013-12-15
The Mighty God2013-12-08
The Wonderful Counselor2013-12-01
Giving Thanks for Everything2013-11-24
In God We Trust2013-11-10
The Greatest Joy In Heaven2013-10-27
How Much Will It Cost?2013-10-20
What Are Your Excuses?2013-10-13
Three Vital Lessons2013-10-06
Narrow is the Gate2013-09-29
Jesus, the True Shepherd2013-09-22
The Breaking of Bread2013-09-15
Returning to God2013-09-01
Four Types of Blindness, One Cure2013-08-25
Jesus Knows Your Need2013-08-18
Fruit Is Expected2013-08-11
The Mighty God2013-08-10
Repent or Perish2013-08-04
Living Ready2013-07-28
Don't Get to Attached2013-07-21
Steps of Failure2013-07-14
Return to Me2013-07-07
Signs of Being a Pharisee2013-06-23
Praying With Purpose2013-06-16
Lessons from the Gospels - 93 What Must I Do2013-06-09
Lessons from the Gospels - 92 Seventy Sent Out2013-06-02
Father's Day 2013 - As For Me and My House2013-05-26
Lessons from the Gospels - 91 You Will Die In Your Sins2013-05-19
A Mother Who Committed Her Child to God2013-05-05
Lessons from the Gospels - 90 Following the Light2013-04-28
Lessons from the Gospels - 89 Law Versus Grace2013-04-21
Lessons from the Gospels - 88 Controversy Over Deity2013-04-14
Lessons from the Gospels - 87 Roadblocks to Discipleship2013-04-07
Easter 2013 - Three Crosses2013-03-31
Lessons from the Gospels - 86 Forgiveness - Key to Freedom2013-03-24
Lessons from the Gospels - 85 The Importance of One2013-03-17
The Lord's Supper - The Power of One2013-03-10
Lessons from the Gospels - 84 Learning Humility2013-03-03
Lessons from the Gospels - 83 Dealing with the Difficult and Demonic2013-02-24
Lessons from the Gospels - 82 Seeing Jesus Transfigured2013-02-17
Lessons from the Gospels - 81 Refusing to Accept2013-02-10
Lessons from the Gospels - 80 Who is Jesus to You?2013-02-03
Lessons from the Gospels - 79 Evidence of an Empty Soul2013-01-27
The Prince of Peace2013-01-22
Lessons from the Gospels - 78 Elements of Effective Ministry2013-01-20
Lessons from the Gospels - 77 The Triumph of Faith2013-01-13
Lessons from the Gospels - 76 Defilement From Within2013-01-06
Making a Difference2012-12-30
The Promise of Christ2012-12-23
The Promise of Love2012-12-16
The Promise of Joy2012-12-09
The Promise of Peace2012-12-02
The Promise of Hope2012-11-25
Thanksgiving 2012 - Our Blessings2012-11-18
Lessons from the Gospels - 75 The Bread of Life2012-11-11
Lessons from the Gospels - 74 Trusting Jesus in Troubled Waters2012-11-04
Hear the Word of God2012-10-28
The Three Forevers2012-10-21
Lessons from the Gospels - 73 Experiencing the Miraculous2012-10-14
Lessons from the Gospels - 72 The Haunting Consequences2012-10-07
Lessons from the Gospels - 71 The Messenger, The Message, The Ministry2012-09-30
Lessons from the Gospels - 70 People Need The Lord2012-09-23
Lessons from the Gospels - 69 Finding Faith Despite the Circumstances2012-09-16
Lessons from the Gospels - 68 Touching Our Savior2012-09-09
Lessons from the Gospels - 67 Being Set Free In Jesus2012-08-19
Lessons from the Gospels - 66 Trusting Jesus With Your Doubts2012-08-12
Lessons from the Gospels - 65 The Judgement2012-08-05
Lessons from the Gospels - 64 True Treasure2012-07-29
Lessons from the Gospels - 63 Leaven2012-07-22
Awesome God - Amazing Power2012-07-15
Lessons from the Gospels - 62 Mustard Seed2012-07-08
I Pledge Allegiance To the Lamb2012-07-01
Lessons from the Gospels - 61 Wheat and Tares2012-06-24
Father's Day 20122012-06-17
The Lord's Supper2012-06-10
Lessons from the Gospels - 60 Sower and Seed2012-06-06
Lessons from the Gospels - 59 Unpardonable Sin2012-05-27
Lessons from the Gospels - 58 Danger of Creating Your Own God2012-05-20
Mother's Day 20122012-05-13
Lessons from the Gospels - 57 Sinner Forgiven2012-05-06
Lessons from the Gospels - 56 Finding Rest2012-04-29
Lessons from the Gospels - 55 Pharisees Failure to Find Faith2012-04-22
Lessons from the Gospels - 54 Do We Look For Another2012-04-15
The Message Left In the Tomb - Easter 20122012-04-08
Lessons from the Gospels - 53 From Death To Life2012-04-01
Lessons from the Gospels - 52 When Jesus Answers2012-03-25
The Passover - Do This In Rememberance of Me2012-03-11
Lessons from the Gospels - 51 Obedience2012-03-04
Lessons from the Gospels - 50 False Prophets2012-02-26
Lessons from the Gospels - 49 Narrow is the Gate2012-02-19
Lessons from the Gospels - 48 Prayer that God Answers2012-02-12
Lessons from the Gospels - 47 Sermon On the Mount - Save Your Breath2012-02-05
Lessons from the Gospels - 46 Sermon On the Mount - Judging2012-01-29
Lessons from the Gospels - 45 Sermon On the Mount - Seek Ye First2012-01-22
Lessons from the Gospels - 44 Sermon On the Mount - Focusing On the Father2012-01-15
Come 2012 - Part 22012-01-08
Come 20122012-01-01
Christmas Story Told By Luke - A Manger Full of Meaning2011-12-11
Christmas Story Told By Luke - A Miraculous Conception2011-12-04
Christmas Story Told By Luke - A Messenger of Hope2011-11-27
Thanksgiving 2011 - Five Kernels of Corn2011-11-20
Lessons from the Gospels - 43 Sermon On the Mount - Fasting2011-11-13
Lessons from the Gospels - 42 Sermon On the Mount - Prayer2011-11-06
Lessons from the Gospels - 41 Sermon On the Mount - Giving God's Way2011-10-30
Lessons from the Gospels - 40 Sermon On the Mount - Witnessing God's Way2011-10-23
Lessons from the Gospels - 39 Sermon On the Mount - Yes and No2011-10-16
Lessons from the Gospels - 38 Sermon On the Mount - Marriage2011-10-09
Lessons from the Gospels - 37 Sermon On the Mount - Adultery2011-10-02
Lessons from the Gospels - 36 Sermon On the Mount - Anger2011-09-25
Lessons from the Gospels - 35 Sermon On the Mount - Righteousness2011-09-18
The Lord'S Supper - Responses2011-09-11
Lessons from the Gospels - 34 Sermon On the Mount - Light2011-09-04
Lessons from the Gospels - 33 Sermon On the Mount - Salt2011-08-28
Lessons from the Gospels - 32 Sermon On the Mount - Persecuted2011-08-21
Lessons from the Gospels - 31 Sermon On the Mount - Peacemakers2011-08-14
Lessons from the Gospels - 30 Sermon On the Mount - Pure2011-08-07
Ordained and Called2011-07-17
Lessons from the Gospels - 29 Sermon On the Mount - Merciful2011-07-10
If My People2011-07-03
Lessons from the Gospels - 28 Sermon On the Mount - Hunger and Thirst2011-06-26
Father In Heaven2011-06-19
The Lord's Supper - Covenant2011-06-12
Lessons from the Gospels - 27 Sermon On the Mount - Meekness2011-06-05
Lessons from the Gospels - 26 Sermon On the Mount - They That Mourn2011-05-26
Lessons from the Gospels - 25 Sermon On the Mount - Poor In Spirit2011-05-22
Lessons from the Gospels - 24 Sermon On the Mount Introduction2011-05-15
Lessons from the Gospels - 23 Multiplying Disciples2011-05-01
Faith of Our Mothers2011-04-17
Lessons from the Gospels - 22 The Pattern Of Jesus2011-04-10
Lessons from the Gospels - 21 Another Chance2011-04-03
Lessons from the Gospels - 20 Old and New Do Not Mix2011-03-27
The Lord's Supper - An Act of Love2011-03-13
Lessons from the Gospels - 19 Mercy For Sinners2011-03-06
Lessons from the Gospels - 18 Friends Faith Forgiveness2011-02-20
Lessons from the Gospels - 17 A Change Of Plans2011-02-13
Lessons from the Gospels - 16 Make Me Clean2011-02-06
Lessons from the Gospels - 15 The Difference Jesus Makes2011-01-30
Lessons from the Gospels - 14 Anointed For Ministry2011-01-23
Lessons from the Gospels - 13 A Father's Determination2011-01-16
Lessons from the Gospels - 12 God's Divine Appointments2011-01-09
Lessons from the Gospels - 11 He Must Increase2011-01-02
Christmas 2010 - The Unspeakable Gift2010-12-26
Christmas 2010 - Where Is He?2010-12-19
Christmas 2010 - Willing To Worship2010-12-12
Christmas 2010 - Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men2010-12-05
Lessons from the Gospels - 10 Starting Over2010-11-28
Thanksgiving 2010 - How Can I Say Thanks2010-11-25
Lessons From the Gospels 9 - Passion for Temple Purity2010-11-21
Lessons From The Gospels - 8 - Water to Wine2010-11-14
Lessons From The Gospels - 7 - A Heart to Follow Jesus2010-11-07
Lessons From The Gospels - 6 - Temptation of Jesus2010-10-31
Lessons From The Gospels - 5 - Baptism of Jesus2010-10-24
Lessons From The Gospels - 4 - Repentance2010-10-17
Lessons From The Gospels - 3 - Leaving Jesus Behind2010-10-10
Lessons From The Gospels - 2 - Recognizing Jesus2010-10-03
Lessons From The Gospels - 1 - In The Beginning2010-09-26
A Captured Heart2010-09-12
Be A Church2010-08-29
Why Do We Have The Right To Exist - Part 32010-08-22
Why Do We Have The Right To Exist - Part 22010-08-15
Why Do We Have The Right To Exist - Part 12010-08-08
The Will Of God - Part 21 - Love2010-08-01
The Will Of God - Part 20 - A Vessel Of Honor2010-07-25
The Will Of God - Part 19 - Trust Him2010-07-18
The Will Of God - Part 18 - Be Victorious2010-07-11
Freedom - July 4 20102010-07-04
The Will Of God - Part 17 - Be Faithful2010-06-27
Father's Day 2010 - A Successful Father2010-06-20
The Lord's Supper - Who Killed Jesus?2010-06-13
The Will Of God - Part 16 - Be A Servant2010-06-06
The Will Of God - Part 15 - Be Truthful2010-05-30
The Will Of God - Part 14 - Be Joyful2010-05-23
God Brings Life Out Of Death2010-05-16
Mother's Day - Prayer Of A Mother2010-05-09
The Will Of God - Part 13 - Be Humble2010-04-25
The Will Of God - Part 12 - Be Grateful2010-04-18
The Will Of God - Part 11 - Be Holy2010-04-11
Easter 2010 - Message Of Ressurection2010-04-04
The Will Of God - Part 10 - Be A Witness2010-03-28
The Will Of God - Part 9 - Remember2010-03-14
The Will Of God - Part 8 - Holy Spirit Filled2010-03-07
The Will Of God - Part 7 - Full Forgiveness2010-02-28
The Will Of God - Part 6 - Live By Grace2010-02-21
The Will Of God - Part 5 - Prayer2010-02-07
The Will Of God - Part 4 - Lordship2010-01-31
The Will Of God - Part 3 - Fellowship2010-01-24
The Will Of God - Part 2 - Baptism2010-01-17
The Will Of God - Part 1 - Salvation2010-01-10
New Year 2010 - Seeking The Lord In 20102010-01-03
Christmas 2009 - The Call To Worship2009-12-27
Christmas 2009 - The Call To Be A Witness2009-12-20
Christmas 2009 - The Call To Be Faithful - Joseph2009-12-13
Christmas 2009 - The Call To Be A Vessel2009-12-06
Christmas 2009 - The Call To Believe - The Gift2009-11-29
Being Truly Thankful In Everything2009-11-15
Running The Race2009-11-08
Responding Quickly In A Crisis2009-11-01
Going After Those Who Have Been Lost2009-10-25
Invite Them All2009-10-18
Seven Word's I Never Thought Would Come Out of My Mouth2009-10-11
God's Word - My Lifeline2009-10-04
For His Names Sake - Daniel 92009-09-20
The Mighty God0000-00-00